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Glibbi Blubber

"Glibbi Blubber turns every bathroom into a fruity, colourful playroom. Simply drop one of the 4 colourful bath pearls into the bathwater and watch them dissolve and colour the water. Furthermore, enjoy the delicious apple or fruity strawberry, blackberry or tutti frutti scent waft through your bathroom. Glibbi Blubber has been dermatologically tested and is certified safe for use on skin. Tests have been conducted by the independent test laboratory Dermatest. Suitable for children aged 3 years and over. "
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Glibbi Factory

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Glibbi Glitter

Real princesses will love the pink Glibbi bath fun with fantastic glitter and candy floss aroma. Glitter Glibbi turns water into a gel-like goo and ensures bath and paddling time is fun time: slimy, bright and full of fun. Glibbi does not stick, and will not stain your skin or bathtub. Glibbi Slime is non-toxic and skin friendly, as it contains no preservatives, fragrances or irritants. This has even been confirmed by independent experts at the Dermatest research institute. Each pack contains 2 sachets, allowing you to turn water into pink glitter goo and back again twice. Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.
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