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Squap Catch Ball Game Splash

Do you need to cool down? Then be prepared to get wet with Squap! Thanks to the two included water bomb balls there is no limit to the fun you can have. The balls suck up water like a sponge and soak the players as they are launched to and fro. Indoor and outdoor Squap fun is guaranteed thanks to the standard balls included in the set. Put the ball in the Squap mitt ready for launching. Open your hand as quickly as possible and watch the ball fly out of the Squap. Catch the ball by snapping the Squap mitt closed at the right moment. Enjoy a game of Squap on your own against a wall, with a friend or even a group of friends. Play over the net on a volleyball court, on the beach, in your back garden or in water. You can squap any time, anywhere! The set includes 2 Squaps, 2 Water Bomb Balls and 2 standard Balls. Squap Speed is fun to play and keeps you active. Awarded the "spiel gut" seal of approval. Suitable for children aged 6 years and over, teenagers and adults.
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